Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm not dead!!

Okay, just before Christmas, I completed 5 miles without stopping but at mile 4, my hip really started to hurt. Bad. A sharp pain kind of in the joint. (not a good feeling) I only ran a couple time the week after and after taking 2 solid week off and eating a lot of chocolate, I am back up to 124 pounds instead of the 121 and goal of 120 I had. Believe it or not, but my jeans get a little tight when I go up 3 or 4 pounds. Also, my 10K is in a month and a half, so I decided to return to my running yesterday.

So, I went 2.25 miles to get back into it slowly and my hip is on fire! I am so frustrated because if I can't even run 2 miles without my hip hurting, then how am I supposed to run a 10K in february? I am going to bike today to give my joints a rest and think on this hip thing. Any suggestions, i would LOVE to hear it. Even walking around today my hip burns with every step.