Sunday, May 24, 2009


My goal for tomorrow is to do level one of my cardio biggest loser video. it's 20 minutes long and I'm anticipating it being REALLY hard.  Like, clutching my chest because I can't catch my breath and lots of sweating (which I'm doing anyway since my body is ridding itself of all the excess water), and a really red face at the end. My older kids will really like it, they love to do videos with me. 

And those cookies,


there are only 4 left. And NO I didn't eat them all. (seriously) Dave had a very guilty looking face when I commented that a lot of the cookies were gone. And I'm sure my mom has been sneaking them when I'm sleeping! I am so glad the cookies are about to be gone - no more temptation!

I think I'm doing good on portions and veggies/protein. I don't remember being this thirsty with my others but maybe I just don't remember. SO THIRSTY! All hours of the day -and night - I feel completely parched. When does that end?

Dave told me to be patient and give myself a couple weeks to see results. How come I can't count on a couple days? 

::Repeating to myself::

Patience is a virtue...
patience is a virtue...
patience is a virtue...

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