Sunday, May 10, 2009

7 days

Officially I have seven days left until my due date. If I don't go on my own, I have an induction scheduled on the 20th, so I know I won't go past that.

However, When I weighed myself yesterday, I was at 156, not 158.

I haven't really been hungry the last couple days (I guess too much baby takes up my tummy room), that's possibly why I've lost a couple pounds.

Maybe i will deliver at 155 instead of being closer to 160. That would be nice.

Today is mothers day and I had a cookie and a baggie of hershey kisses from church. How is one supposed to turn away chocolate? I would really like to know.


My normal weight and I guess my goal weight is 125 pounds normally. I usually wear a size 4 (or a 2, depending on the brand).  I'm hoping I lose at least 10-13 lbs. in the hospital, that's not unreasonable, is it? How about losing 25 lbs. in the hospital?
The hormones are making me delirious.

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